The 3DFF Proyect

The 3DFF project is developing a flexible sensor technology to provide accurate, fast, affordable and cost-effective biosensors with a broad range of applications: from security, in vitro medical diagnostics, to in vivo medical diagnostics. It is based on a flexible substrate that can integrate seamlessly microfluidic and microelectronics components and will form the basis of a disposable sensor, which will be complemented with a reader platform able to translate the sensor data into information that can be then presented to the users.  

Key 3DFF activities and deliverables are:


  • Developing a technology to implement flexible biosensors, by integrating microfluidic and microelectronics components over biocompatible materials.
  • Modelling, developing and characterising a flexible microfluidic device based on polymer materials and subsequently integrating it into a 3D generic analytical microsystem.
  • Developing a wireless wearable patch capable of detecting biological components.
  • Building a compact point-of-care (POC) analytical microsystem demonstrator capable of detecting different biomarkers (from cardiovascular markers to abused-drugs metabolites);
  • Validating the analytical procedure and demonstrator in an environment close to a real-world environment;
  • Developing several test cases to demonstrate the technology and help prove the performance that can be achieved with the developed technology, and at the same time showing its flexibility and broad use, since the test examples come from quite different application fields. 

The results of the project will be demonstrated in three different applications to show the flexibility and broad use possibilities of the developed tchnology. The applications will be:


  • Detection of the use of the drugs of abuse using a saliva sample on a point of care device.
  • Point of Care to detect biomarkers in a blood sample to diagnose cardiovascular diseases.
  • Wearable wireless patch capable of detecting different ions and biomarkers in a sweat sample.